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7Everday Hero gives rides to people with special challenges

Posted at 10:56 AM, Mar 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-12 12:56:21-04

When the Denver Mobility Access Council (DRMAC) put out a call asking for drivers, Mark Stine was eager to answer.

"His commitment has really been unwavering," said Carol Buchanan, director of programs at DRMAC. "He's very generous with his time and his availability."

Stine is a stained glass artist and has worked out of his home for 45 years.

"So, I'm an extrovert who doesn't talk to anybody all day long," he said.

That's why he decided to volunteer for DRMAC — he gets some companionship by giving people with special challenges free rides.

"Our DRMACs ride program is all about giving adults with disabilities the opportunity to live lives of meaning and vitality," Buchanan said.

Stine was DRMAC's first volunteer. In just a year, he's given more than 70 rides. The rides are free, despite the large time commitment and cost of gasoline and miles on his car.

"I've driven four or five people and they're usually repeat rides on a weekly basis, and so you get to know them," he said. "They're wonderful young adults and we talk about sports and music and whatever their interests are. It's good for me too."

For Dylan Batz, the rides are his lifeline, and for Mark, in a small way, they've become part of his too.

"I've driven with other people before, but he's probably one of my favorites," Batz said.

Stine said it feels great to give back to the community in this way.

"I've always been a humanistic kind of person but never really an activist, and it really feels great," he said.

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