350 families get help from the North Denver Cares Food Pantry every week

Volunteer works up to 70 hours a week at pantry

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - While the economy continues to move forward there are still many Coloradans just trying to keep from falling behind.

7Everyday Hero Bryan Decker is using love, compassion and ingenuity to help. He manages the North Denver Cares Food Pantry.

"We serve about 12 zip codes in this area, in Broomfield and Boulder," said Decker.

Decker is uniquely gifted to run the pantry. He has experience in retail, auto repair, and insurance. So, he has got great people skills, he is handy and he is organized.

"All the racks, most of this is all donated.  And Bryan is really the guy. He went out and got the stuff and he just has put it together," said board member Chip Case.

"He just continues to believe if the good Lord wants him to feed the people, the support will come, whether it is food or money to pay the rent," said volunteer Debra Wolfe. 

The pantry started small, in a Broomfield church. Fifteen years of work later, Bryan and his wife have multiplied the pantry's impact.

"We serve between 300 and 350 families a week," said Decker.

That means Decker's volunteering efforts are really like a full-time job.

"I probably spend 60 to 70 hours a week working on food pantry items," said Decker.

Thanks to Bryan Decker and his fellow volunteers, the North Denver Cares Food Pantry doled out more than 2 million pounds of donated food in 2012.         

To learn how to help the pantry go to www.northdenvercares.org

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