12-year-old with a big heart sells homemade turtles to help Make-A-Wish wishes come true

Homemade turtles raise money for Make-a-Wish

DENVER - There are cookware parties, jewelry parties and make-up parties. But have you heard of a "shell party?"

7Everyday Hero Maia Drugmand is using shell parties to benefit Make-A-Wish Colorado.

The seventh grader convinces family, friends and neighbors to help her make small turtle-shaped magnets and necklaces to make wishes come true.

Each turtle is crafted out of tiny sea shells that can fit in the palm of your hand.

"For an individual turtle, it might take 5 minutes to make," said Drugmand.

Drugmand calls her nonprofit Turtles4Tots.

"When we saw her get to that $5,000 mark and grant her first wish within 6 months, we thought wow, this girl gets it and has the ability to work hard and make it happen," said Katrina Tamminga-Crook, Make-A-Wish Colorado Development Officer.

Drugmand only asks for $5 a turtle, but buyers often shell out more when they realize the love put into each one.

"Life is not always about you.  If everyone were selfish it would probably be a really weird world," said Drugmand.

"She now has raised over $15,000 and granted three wishes and she is working on her fourth wish," said Tamminga-Crook.

Not bad for a petite 12-year-old with a big heart.

"Sometimes you have to care about some other people who are less fortunate," said Drugmand.

To learn more about Turtles4Tots go to www.turtles4tots.org

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