70 White Rabbits Abandoned On Roadside

Domestic Bunnies Found Hopping Along Colorado Springs Roadside At Night

Authorities are trying to identify the person who dumped between 50 and 70 white rabbits on a Colorado Springs road.

The domestic rabbits were abandoned Sunday night in a grassy area alongside Mark Dabling Boulevard, the Humane Society said.

Dreampower Animal Rescue responded to the scene along with local residents who helped collect the bunnies in the darkness, KRDO-TV reported.

The Humane Society did not send any personnel out to the situation, something they said was a mistake.

"The officers didn’t realize the scope or severity of the situation, so we didn’t respond last night," said Joe Stafford, director of animal law enforcement for the Humane Society.

Now the Humane Society is doing an animal cruelty investigation and has offered a $500 reward for anyone who provides information leading to the issuing of a summons or the arrest of whoever abandoned the rabbits.

“They look like your typical large white domestic rabbits and it’s not very common that someone would own 40 or 50 of those rabbits," Stafford told KRDO-TV. "So, at this point we’re just looking for information from the public that would lead us to a potential person that could be involved."

Anyone who wants to adopt one of the rabbits can contact Dreampower Animal Rescue at 719-390-7838. The rescue group requested anyone who wants a bunny to fill out an adoption application at dreampower.org.

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