6 Kids Severely Blistered By Backyard Plant

Myrtle Spurge Planted Around Many Homes

A toxic backyard plant blistered six young girls in Colorado Springs.

Plant experts say Myrtle Spurge can blister skin on contact.

One of the girls told said that they were re-enacting Pilgrims, gathering plants for a feast. They "milked" the Myrtle Spurge into a cup and then tried to drink it.

What they didn't know is that the milky sap from Myrtle Spurge is caustic to skin and eyes, according to Colorado Weed Management.

The mother of three of the girls told the TV station that the girls had blistered skin and their faces swelled up she hardly recognized them. The station did not give the ages of the girls involved.

Wearing gloves, long sleeves, and shoes is highly recommended when in contact with Myrtle Spurge, according to Colorado State University.

The Cottonwood Institute, based in Park Hill, said, "The sap acts like poison ivy and the blistering agent will spread when scratched or rubbed. It can cause permanent scarring your skin and face or cause blindness if it gets in your eye. Please use caution when removing it from your garden."

Myrtle Spurge is classified in Colorado as a "List A" species in the Colorado Noxious Weeds Act and is designated for statewide eradication.

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