5 Football Fields Worth Of Marijuana Destroyed

7,500 Marijuana Plants Estimated At $1 Million Flown Out Of Grow Area

After spending three days investigating two marijuana grow sites in Boulder County, SWAT team members have taken out all of the plants and dismantled the sites.

It took 10 helicopter flights to pull out 7,500 marijuana plants from two grow sites outside of the town of Raymond. The five acres worth of marijuana would have covered about five football fields.

"The difficulty primarily was the amount of marijuana that we had to haul out, as well as all of the trash and infrastructure, the hazardous materials, the gas, the water pumps and that sort of stuff that was all down there," said Boulder County SWAT Sgt. Lance Enholm.

The two sites had what's estimated to be about $1 million in marijuana plants.

"We think it's been around for a number of years. It's pretty elaborate," said Enholm.

The plants were put on cargo nets and flown out of the grow area to a staging spot near Highways 7 and 72. The plants were then hauled away by dump trucks to an undisclosed location to be destroyed.

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office wasn't sure how they would be destroyed, but they believe the Boulder County district attorney's office will burn the plants in some method.

Beside the plants, SWAT members also removed sophisticated and dangerous equipment.

"They had a number of 5-gallon gasoline containers because they had a number of water pumps to pump water from the stream up to their irrigation system," said Enholm.

According to investigators who saw the sites, a water filtration system was established using water from the St. Vrain River.

SWAT members also took away camping gear from the two sites, but no one knows for sure how many people may have been part of the grow.

"There were actually two sleeping camps, so in excess of four people, but I don't have an exact number," said Enholm. "We've been in here for three days now and haven't seen anybody else, so we're pretty sure that they're out of the area. I don't believe that the public's at risk."