4 Arrested After Text Message Fight

Deputies Say Men Fought Over Messages Sent To Sister

Mesa County deputies arrested four people on charges of menacing after a fight over text messages.

Deputies said Nicholas Norwood, 20, and Matthew Williford, 24, got into a fight over some text messages that were being sent to Breanne Arabie, 19, Williford's sister, said Lisa McCammon of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

Williford went to Norwood's house with a group of friends. Williford pulled out a .45-caliber handgun and pointed it at several people and threatened to shoot them, McCammon said.

According to an arrest affidavit, Norwood told deputies that Williford pointed the gun at his chest and said that if he took one more step closer, he was going to shoot him and "blow his head off."

Williford eventually left the area and was stopped by Mesa County deputies.

Williford and three other people inside the car were arrested on charges of menacing. McCammon identified them as Jeremy Justus, Breanne Arabie and Preston Jones.

They are being held in the Mesa County Jail without bond.

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