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Shannon Ogden on what he'll never again take for granted after the pandemic is over

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Posted at 8:57 PM, Mar 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-11 23:42:19-05

DENVER — A couple of days ago we asked our viewers on Facebook, "What's the one thing you'll never take for granted after the pandemic is over?" We received hundreds of responses.

Let's begin with Priscilla Martinez who writes, "Big family gatherings where you can hug everyone!!"

Hugs came up a lot in your responses.

Linda Schanhals says, "Working in an office and contact with co-workers.. a year later still stuck working from home and still feel disconnected."

Hang in there, Linda.

Brandon Towns says it's a "toss up between movie theaters and brunch on Sunday morning."

Carrie Jackson writes, "the ability to shake the hand of someone I admire."

Makayla Martinez says, "Time. I haven’t looked at the same since. It’s extremely precious, and I use it much more wisely now."

Katy Schmoll really sums it up for all of us. "Being able to go where I want when I want!"

Amen, Katy.

For me, it's how precious the grandparent-grandchild relationship is. Like for so many of you, there was a large chunk of time my 5-year-old couldn't see her grandparents. It was sad for her. Sad for them. Sad for her mom and me. I will never take for granted the time they spend together.

I'll never again take peace in the United States for granted. We discovered over the last year it is a thin, brittle line that separates how we expect our politics to be carried out and the chaos it can break down into.

I'll add Facetime to my list, too. What a lifeline that has been.

And finally, even though it's back in full supply now, I will never again take for granted access to toilet paper! Remember that? That was crazy!

There was one worried night I was driving home at midnight, pulled into a 7-11 and asked the clerk in a panic if they had any. He said no, but he had a 4-pack in the trunk of his Corolla he would sell me for $20. I did not buy it.

Thank you for all your wonderful responses.

And by the way, I have never and will never take for granted how many of you turned to Denver7 throughout this pandemic.

My hope is that this time next year, the vaccine will have become so widespread and common that we take it for granted.

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