20+ Car Pileup Caught On Camera

Crash Happened In Colorado Springs

A man in Colorado Springs Thursday had his video camera rolling as vehicle after vehicle slid on an icy road and crashed into each other, piling up on the side of the road.

The incident happened on North Powers Road at Carefree Circle Street about 3 p.m.

"I've not seen this before," said Ian Smith as he recorded on his video camera. "This is crazy."

Smith is heard on the videotape saying that crash started with one vehicle stuck in the middle of the street. Suddenly, vehicle after vehicle was sliding and colliding until more than 20 cars were piled up in one crash against a curb. There were several other vehicles crashed on the same stretch of the road.

Smith posted the videotape on Facebook. Within 12 hours, there were 252 comments and 189 "likes."

"This is madness," Smith said as the collisions kept happening. "It was crazy how quick it blew up."

Smith's video shows vehicles trying to drive slowly up a hilly steet, then suddenly their brakes lock up, their tires stop moving and the vehicles just slide out of control.

Witnesses can be heard yelling at other people to get out of the way as the vehicles slide.

Smith also said some people were trying to redirect traffic, but some drivers didn't pay attention. Six minutes into the videotape, a pickup truck can be seen driving past all the crashed vehicles until suddenly the truck's tires lock up and truck goes sliding backward. It hit at least three vehicles as it slowly slid out of control.

The video shows at least one driver taking a picture of the license plate of the vehicle that hit him.

"Yeah, people thought that they were different because they had a 4 wheel drive, big diesel truck or whatever," Smith said about a white truck that did try, but failed to clear the hill and ended up ramming into at least three other vehicles.

"So when he came sliding down people were cussing at him, saying,'I told you so.' Like, 'Why did you not listen?', Smith said. "I don't know. It was a bad, bad idea on his part."

A Colorado Springs police dispatcher told TheDenverChannel it appeared no one has been hurt in the pileup, but they wouldn't know for sure because many of the drivers were reporting the accident later. Several vehicles appeared to be seriously damaged.

A spokesman for the city's streets division said South Carefree Circle is one of the city's "secondary" roads, designated for sanding and anti-ice treatment typically four to five hours after the larger, higher-traffic roads are targeted.

Operatons manager Ken Winckler also told TheDenverChannel though, "It was a skating rink all over the city" on Thursday.

You can watch the unedited video on our Facebook page. One note, the video is unedited and contains curse words, so if you have children nearby, you should consider muting your computer before you watch it.

So far, at least 20,000 have viewed the video.

"It's pretty cool that a lot of people have seen it and have wanted to stay off the roads because of it. So I might've helped them be more aware of how bad the roads are. It was crazy how quick it blew up," Smith said. "You really just gotta think straight, think rational. Don't panic and just start going crazy 'cause that's what's going to ruin you."

7NEWS reporter Tyler Lopez found three sedans, one minivan and two SUV's had been left overnight, including the Umland's Saturn, which still had lunch leftovers in the backseat.

"We kept running up to a hill, wouldn't get up that hill, then we'd go to the next hill, couldn't get up that one. We were doing pretty good until we go to this one here and then hey, it was just bumper to bumper cars." said Wayne Umland.