2 More Denver Officers Disciplined For Misconduct

Safety Manager Accuses 1 Officer Of Inappropriate Force, Another Of DUI

Denver's manager of safety has suspended two officers without pay -- one accused of using inappropriate force and the other of driving under the influence.

Safety Manager Charles Garcia suspended Sgt. Kenneth Johnson for 30 days for using inappropriate force, according to the disciplinary order.

The Denver Post reported that Johnson was accused of jumping on and punching a man who jaywalked.

Garcia suspended Det. Michael Lemmons for 90 days for driving under the influence, and fined him two days pay for prohibited use of a weapon, according to the disciplinary order. Details of the weapon violation were not released.

The disciplinary orders were made public on Tuesday. However, Garcia issued Johnson's order on April 20 and Lemmons' order on April 25.

The officers have 10 days from receipt of the order to appeal to the Civil Service Commission.

Since taking office in March, Garcia has also terminated four officers for misconduct.

On April 11, Garcia terminated officers Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine after they were accused of lying about their actions and using inappropriate force during arrests caught on a security camera.

The officers lost their jobs because of how they handled the arrest of some women accused of fighting outside the Denver Diner on July 12, 2009.

Just weeks earlier, the newly appointed safety manager fired officers Devin Sparks and Randy Murr, who were accused of beating Michael DeHerrera in Lower Downtown Denver in April 2009. The incident generated public outrage after 7NEWS first aired a security video of the April 4, 2009, beating.

Sparks and Murr were fired for "deceptive acts" in how they reported the incident, according to records. Sparks was also found to have used inappropriate force.

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