2 Dead After Mercedes Drives Wrong Way

Police Investigate 5-Car Accident

26-year-old Kelly Horan survived a horrible accident along Santa Fe Saturday morning.

Her family said she was on her way home after working a 12-hour shift at Porter Hospital when the accident occured.

She has numerous broken bones and her family is concerned about any possible brain injuries. The family is hopeful she'll make a full recovery.

Joan Horan said, "She was just a young woman who helped people and now she needs help. We ask for your prayers and your support."

Horan said Kelly will likely be out of work for some time while she goes through rehabilitation.

The family expressed their condolences for the other families involved in the crash.

Saturday morning, Littleton police said five-cars were involved in an accident that left two dead and seriously injured Kelly Horan.

Two individuals were pronounced dead at the scene when Littleton police responded to South Santa Fe Drive and Belleview around 7:45 a.m., said Littleton Lt. Charles Broadhead.

Police said witnesses reported seeing an Mercedes driving northbound on Santa Fe which swerved into the southbound lane on Santa Fe and collided head-on with several other vehicles.

"He just swerved over into the southbound lane and ended up cutting right in front of all the traffic as soon as it got close to him," said Laura Scott, who witnessed the accident. "He hit the green car and we saw an explosion of debris and saw him flip up into the air and spin around. He ended up landing on the red car and then rolled from there onto the guardrail."

"We do know that a vehicle was on the wrong side of the highway, northbound in southbound lanes and went head-on with a couple of different cars," said Broadhead.

Police are investigating the accident and will not know how fast the Mercedes was driving until the investigation is complete. Names of those killed are not being released until the investigation is complete.

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