15-Year-Old Denied Permit For Crash He Had When He Was 6

Teen Must Pay Fee, Get Special Insurance

Fifteen-year-old Jesse Jakan was so excited to get his driving permit on Friday.

He had passed the written exam and even taken a driving course. But the Department of Motor Vehicle denied him his permit.

"I didn't really understand what they were trying to tell me," Jesse said.

Jesse said the DMV asked him if he had ever driven before. He said "No." He said a DMV supervisor then told him he had a driving record and needed to have his license/permit reinstated.

"At the time, I was furious," said Chris Jakan, Jesse's dad. "I thought it was the most absurd thing I had ever heard."

When Jesse was 6 years old he was playing around in his mom's car and popped it out of gear. The car rolled down the driveway and crashed into another car.

"This is ridiculous. A 6-year-old should not be held accountable for his actions at that age," said Chris Jakan. "I am just wondering why a 6-year-old would have been ticketed for driving a car when he wasn't driving. He popped it out of gear by accident."

A spokesman for the DMV said state law prohibits them from discussing an individual driver's record.

"The issue raised in this case will be addressed and DMV will advise Mr. Jakan how to proceed," said Mark Couch of the DMV.

Jakan said in order for his son to get a driver's permit, he must get his permit reinstated and buy special insurance.

"I should be held accountable not by the law, but by my parents. I don't think they should have taken my privileges away nine years from the situation," Jesse said.

The statute cited in the case states "if an applicant for a license to operate a motor vehicle in this state prior to the issuance of a valid driver's or minor driver’s license or instruction permit or in violation of the terms of any instruction permit within 36 months prior to said application, the department has the authority to deny the issuance of said license for not more than 12 months."

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