13-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Raises $750,000 For Research

Make Some Noise Foundation Funding Cancer Research In Colorado

He has battled cancer, raised almost a million dollars for research to find a cure and he’s just 13 years old. Malcolm Sutherland-Foggio is proving you’re never too young to make a difference.

Malcolm is traveling the country with the National Angel Quilt, which showcases children who’ve lost their lives to cancer.

"It was a double whammy for this family. It was heartbreaking for them to have two children on the quilt,” said Malcolm, pointing to a brother and sister.

The quilt is designed to raise awareness about pediatric cancers.

Malcolm is a survivor. At age 10 he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma.

"It was December 7th, 2008," he recalled, "The doctor comes in and he puts up the MRI on the board and shows us a huge mass in my right hip."

His entire hip had to be removed. His body was pumped full of cancer-killing drugs.

“Chemotherapy. I used to call it poison when I was going through treatment. It doesn't just kill the cancer, it kills pretty much everything in your body,” said Malcolm.

While sick in the hospital, Malcolm was inspired to take action.

“A night after surgery I heard a mother scream out about two doors down from me and her son, Michael, had just died. That really rocked my world and it inspired me to start a foundation” Malcolm said. “I told my mom, ‘We have to start a foundation. We have to make some noise about all these kids that are dying. We need to find the cures.’”

Now 13, Malcolm has raised $750,000 for pediatric cancer research.

Dr. Doug Graham at Children’s Hospital Colorado just received a $35,000 grant from Malcolm’s Make Some Noise: Cure Kids Cancer Foundation for his work to find alternative treatments to chemotherapy.

"I’m working to find cancer drugs that are less toxic and more specific for cancer cells," said Graham.

"Two-thousand to 3,000 kids die every year in the U.S. alone. So we're trying to make some noise," Malcolm said.

That word is spreading. There are Make Some Noise offices from New Jersey, where Malcolm is from, to Denver and Seattle.

Clearly, Malcolm is not your typical teenager.

“Most of my friends, they go out and have sports, school and that's pretty much it. I have board meetings every month, junior board meetings. It's a crazy schedule," Malcolm said.

For Malcolm, it’s all worth it, especially if it means saving lives.

"Starting this foundation really empowers us to help everyone that we can who has kids’ cancer and hopefully we're going to find the cure before I die," said Malcolm.

The National Angel Quilt will be displayed in Colorado through March 25. It will be hung in the State Capitol Building Rotunda through Wednesday. Then the public will see it at Park Meadows Mall through the weekend.

To learn more, visit the Make Some Noise Foundation

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