10-Year-Old Impales Himself On Bike Handle

Bike Handle Centimeters Away From Damaging Major Organs

Ten-year-old Alex Romero is recovering after a bike handle bar impaled his right side, centimeters away from his major organs.

Romero told 7NEWS he was riding his bike Tuesday night near his home when he jumped off a curb and fell. As he fell, the bike handles rotated and entered his abdomen. The bike handle pierced his right side just above the hip.

"We were bunny hopping this little curb. It was wet and rainy and my foot slipped," Romero told 7NEWS. "I looked down and saw this bike lever that went up my gut."

Romero's friends ran for help and a firefighter, who happened to be driving by, dialed 911.

Romero's father ran to his son's side, and instead of trying to pull the lever out, wisely cut the cable attaching it to the bike.

"I didn't want any bleeding. Just wanted to leave it in there till we got to the hospital and got X-rays," Ronnie Romero said.

"I instantly went into shock. The firefighters asked me to stand back so he couldnÂ’t hear me," April Romero, Alex's mother said.

Alex Romero was rushed to the Poudre Valley Hospital where Trauma surgeons ordered a CAT scan to assess the damage to his organs.

The CAT scan revealed that the handle had missed all major organs.

"It was good," Alex Romero said. "It was centimeters away from my organs."

Ronnie Romero said he will keep the brake lever, engrave it with a date, and keep it as a reminder that his son is one very lucky young man.

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