'The Bachelor' Recap: Vail Woman Removes Her Vampire Teeth

Madison Quits During The Rose Ceremony

Both of the Colorado's contestants on "The Bachelor" left the show Monday night, one of them by her own choice.

Vail native Madison Garton got a lot of attention on the show because of her vampire style fangs. However, after hearing another contestant, Emily, talk about losing her fiance in a plane crash and raising a daughter by herself, Garton changed.

"Hearing Emily's story really changed my mind as to what I want out of this," Garton told another woman on the show. "I came because I wanted to fall in love, but some girls need to."

Garton, who spent two episodes of the show playing up her sexy, crazy side suddenly turned very serious.

When she talked to Bachelor Brad Womack one-on-one, she pulled the vampire-style fangs off her teeth telling him, "this is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be."

Womack told the cameras afterward, "Madison threw me."

Later that evening during the rose ceremony, Madison suddenly walked out of the room. Womack followed.

"I would have a really hard time taking a rose from one of these girls," Garton told Womack. "I would rather go home tonight."

Garton then walked out of the house.

"I came here because it sounded fabulous," Garton said later. "Going on ‘The Bachelor,' you have the potential to meet your prince charming, but it's not so easy as walking into a fairy tale and walking out with prince charming."

On the show, Garton was listed as a model from New York, but her profile on "The Bachelor" website said she was from Vail. The Vail newspaper said Garton attended Vail Mountain School.

Womack was sorry to see her leave.

"This Madison that I'm seeing I like so much more," Womack said. "This woman, I truly admire and care for."

When the rose ceremony continued two women were left without roses, Kimberly and Sarah P. from Denver. Sarah was visibly upset.

"Everybody wants to come here and find love, it doesn't happen for everybody," said Sarah, whose last name was not released by the producers.

"I have so much happiness and love to offer," Sarah said in tears. "Not being chosen hurts. Rejection sucks."

Womack has 14 women left vying for his attention on next week's episode.