'Longmont (Heart) Google' Satellite Picture Arrives

Colorful Message Appears On Satellite Image

The colorful message "Longmont (heart) Google," created using people and cars in Longmont, did show up on a satellite image.

Dozens of people lined up their cars and themselves last Friday in Longmont hoping to create a message that could be seen from a satellite in space.

Digital Globe, a satellite company based in Longmont, took the picture. See it here.

Organizers hope the photo will boost Longmont’s chances of being chosen for Google’s ultra-high speed broadband Internet project, which works at speeds of 1 gigabit per second, or 100 times the speed of most people’s Internet connections.

"While the satellite images were really cool, we wanted to let Google know the city understands what this opportunity means," organizer Tom Sheffield told 7NEWS.

Sheffield said organizers used many different technologies to do this including social media to promote the event, a local satellite company to take the photo and a local TV station covered the event live. There were Wi-Fi services available at the event, and people involved in the event blogged, tweeted and e-mailed.