'Cursed Money' Thefts Lead to Arrest Of Psychic

Victims Identify Woman As Suspect In Cases

She should have seen it coming.

A 24-year-old woman, who police said used various names to con people out of money, was arrested in Longmont, Colo., recently for alleged felony theft from a widow.

Sonia Lorrain Adams, who police said went by the names Victoria and Patricia, billed herself as a psychic and Tarot card reader and operated in Greeley, Colo., and Longmont, according to authorities.

A 64-year-old Greeley woman told police that the suspect told her that her money was cursed and needed to be cleansed following her husband's death. The woman said she gave the suspect nearly $5,000 in cash and wrote a check for $33,000 in June.

When the woman went back to get her money two weeks later, she said she found the apartment where she met the suspect cleaned out and suspect gone. The woman was able to stop payment on the $33,000 check but did not get the cash back.

Greeley police alerted nearby police departments and got a response from Longmont police who said they were investigating a Tarot card reader who was accused of stealing $1,000 of jewelry from a client.

Police traced a cell phone number to a Longmont address and the alleged victims identified Adams as the woman they had done business with. A third woman also came forward to report that she had lost $1,500 in a money-cleansing scheme.

Adams is free on bond.

Investigators working the case were able to get a cell phone number for Victoria and traced it to the Longmont address. They used her driver’s license for a photo lineup and the victims reportedly identified Adams as both Victoria and Patricia.

There was at least one other victim in Greeley, police said, who lost about $1,500, plus other victims who have not come forward because they are embarrassed by their losses.

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