'Barack Obama', 'Trout', 'John Elway' Middle Names Were Hoax

The Broomfield man who sent birth announcements to local newspapers claiming he named his new son Carter Barack Obama Sealy now admits the names were made up.

The announcement sent by Roger Sealy reportedly identified his two other children as Brooke Trout Sealy and Cooper John Elway Sealy.

After the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper ran a story about the family on Tuesday, the children’s grandmother, Kathy Daniels, of Erie, told the paper the middle names were a joke.

The parents said the children's real names are Brooke Emma Sealy, Cooper Jacob Sealy and Carter Thomas Sealy.

Roger's wife Jackee told the newspaper the fake names were her husband’s idea of a joke. She said, “My husband’s an idiot.”

Birth certificates are no longer public records in Colorado, so the names couldn’t be verified without the family’s cooperation.

Read the original story from Boulder's newspaper.

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