'Balloon Boy' Family Selling Balloon For $1Mil.

Heene Family Says Money Will Go To Japan Relief

The balloon made famous because of concerns that a boy was inside it as it floated across Colorado is now for sale.

The asking price? $1 million.

It was back in October 2009 when a balloon floated away from a Fort Collins home. Richard Heene called 911 and said his 6-year-old son was inside the balloon.

Heene: (crying) "No, he doesn't know how to operate it."

Dispatcher: "He doesn't know how to operate it, so we're sure it's [the boy] gone too?"

Richard: "Yeah, we looked everywhere."

The balloon floated over the eastern plains for more than an hour before it suddenly crash landed in a farmer's field. When emergency personnel rushed to find the boy, there was no one inside, leading to concerns he had fallen out.

Hours later, the boy was found hiding in the family's garage.

Parents Richard and Mayumi Heene were charged. Under a plea deal, Richard pleaded guilty to attempting to influence a public servant. His wife pleaded guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge.

Now, the Heenes have put the infamous balloon up for auction.

On BalloonBoyFlyingSaucer bidders can try to win the balloon or pay $1 million to "purchase now."

To get involved in the auction, bidders must answer seven questions including "Would you like to see people travel everyday in flying saucers?" "How will the flying saucer be used?" and "What are your plans for the flying saucer?"

The website says, "As added incentives, Mr. Heene plans to award any winning bidder paying $10,000 or more, the original plans for the saucer; Any winning bidder paying $50,000.00 or more will also receive original photographs of the Heenes building the saucer; Finally, any winning bidder paying $100,000.00 or more will receive a DVD of the Heenes building the saucer."

"This is your chance to own a piece of documented media history while benefiting those in need," the website said.

Money raised from the auction is going to be donated to provide assistance to the earthquake and tsunami damage recovery efforts in Japan, the website said.

That's because The Heenes are not allowed to profit from the balloon incident.

Learn more on BalloonBoyFlyingSaucer.com.

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