Walker Stapleton PAC ad attacks Colorado's 'sanctuary cities'

DENVER — As the race for the governor's office begins to heat up, one Republican hopeful is focusing his attack on cities instead of candidates. 

Better Colorado Now, a political action committee supporting Walker Stapleton, is calling out Boulder, Denver and Aurora over "sanctuary city" policies in a series of ads on Facebook.

But the truthfulness of the ad is in question. While the City of Boulder declared itself a sanctuary city last year, Aurora passed an ordinance the same year declaring it’s not. 

In Denver, the mayor's office declined to label the city one way or another, telling Denver7 they won't play into "Trump rhetoric." 

The office also said the city complies with federal immigration laws, and when appropriate, works with federal immigration agents to address criminal activity.

But recent congressional testimony by the president of Denver’s police union, Nick Rodgers, criticized the city's recent ordinance limiting city employees from civil enforcement of federal immigration laws, claiming it contributes to crime.

“This ordinance didn't help the citizens of Denver. It helped the criminal element,” said Rodgers. 

Democratic State Representative Joseph Salazar says similar Republican ads will begin to infiltrate the airwaves in the coming months.

“Now that Trump is in power, and Trump wants to go after all the illegals, as Trump says it, Republicans are all about using state resources to enforce immigration laws,” said Salazar. 

Salazar is currently sponsoring a bill that would prohibit using state resources for immigration purposes. 

Stapleton's campaign released the following statement to Denver 7: 

“This is not an ad from our campaign, but as governor. Treasurer Stapleton will have the back of law enforcement and end sanctuary cities.” 

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