Shoppers Strategize For Black Friday

How Shoppers Get Ready For The Big Event

With Thanksgiving almost over, it is time to start thinking about shopping. At least that is the way some people think. To them, Black Friday is its own holiday.

"I told her to run fast, grab a buggy and run fast," said Laura Solarin, a veteran Black Friday shopper.

Solarin has hit the stores the day after Thanksgiving for the last 10 years.

"It is kind of a tradition," said Solarin. "My sister and I usually go, but she has to work."

So Solarin asked her friend Diane Walker if she wanted to come.

"I've never done it before," said Walker. "I am trying to get an iPod Nano with a camera for my son."

Solarin said they have a plan and have their entire day mapped out.

"We get there about 3:30 (in the morning) and I think every year for the last four years I have been first in line or second in line," said Solarin.

Solarin said she does not mess around. If you do, she says you will miss out on the deals.

"This year I want a Blu-ray player and so they are $199 and there is going to be one for $78 at Walmart I think," said Solarin.

Early Black Friday fliers show that electronics seem to have the biggest discounts -- cameras for $50 and flat-screen televisions for $248.

Solarin said shopping Black Friday is about more than just the discounts.

"It's fun to get out there and act crazy," said Solarin.

And she said if someone plans on shopping with them, they may want to be careful. Or they could take her advice.

"Stay home and I don't have to beat you down," said Solarin laughing.

Solarin said she even goes to the Walmart in Englewood because it's smaller than the rest, so she doesn't have to run as far from item to item.

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