Colorado part of 7-state plan to build electric car charging stations along major corridors

DENVER – Governor John Hickenlooper is one of seven governors who have signed on to an agreement to expand infrastructure for electric vehicles across the American West.

The memorandum of understanding carries the signatures of governors of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

The memo, which is not legally binding, declares that the seven states will work together on a regional plan that will include building out a network of electric vehicle charging stations along more than 5,000 miles of major freeway corridors in those states. In Colorado, efforts would be focused on placing stations along interstates 25, 70 and 76.

The goal of the charging station network is to make it easier to drive around the region in an electric car without having to worry about a dead battery.

“This framework is another example of the innovation and bipartisan collaboration happening around energy here in the West,” Hickenlooper said. “Through this collaboration, we will drive economic growth and promote our outdoor recreation opportunities across our states. Our residents and the millions of visitors to our states will be able to drive electric vehicles from Denver to Las Vegas, from Santa Fe to Helena.”

The plan also has the goal of encouraging auto manufacturers to market and sell more electric vehicles in the region.

A group consisting of representatives from each of the seven states will meet quarterly to provide updates on the plan’s progress.


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