5 ways to tell an online predator may be grooming your child

DENVER - Adults call them predators, kids call them "creepers," and the Internet is crawling with them.

Detectives in Jefferson County tell CALL7 Investigator Theresa Marchetta looking for child predators online is like fishing in a stocked lake, just drop in a line and you will get a bite.

Unfortunately, parents do not always believe the warnings from law enforcement, a sad fact often revealed by Marchetta's CALL7 Investigations.

Here are 5 ways to determine if your child could be communicating online with a sexual predator:

  1. Your child turns off their technology device quickly or only uses it when away from you or behind closed doors.
  2. Your child receives phone calls from people you do not know or calls numbers you do not recognize or to numbers out of state.
  3. Your child spends large amounts of time online, especially at night.
  4. Your child receives packages, mail or gifts from someone you do not know or suddenly is able to obtain something they would not be able to buy on their own.
  5. Your child uses an online account that belongs to someone else.

For more information and resources, go to the website of the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office Internet Crimes Against Children's Unit:  www.cheezo.org.

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