Debbie's Deals: Frontier Airlines annual Colorado Day sale this year is confusing

DENVER - Frontier Airlines has kicked off its annual Colorado Day sale.

Each year, Frontier offers discounted air fares to celebrate Colorado Day on August 1 -- the day Colorado became the 38th state.

Frontier calls its Colorado Day sale its best sale of the year. Some years, the deals have been AMAZING.

This year, they're confusing.

This year, Frontier's website says the airline is offering $38 one-way fares from Denver to select cities -- Durango, Bozeman, Omaha, Idaho Falls and Sioux City. ($38 to celebrate the 38th state.)

However, while it appears there are not discounts to other cities, there are. You just have to look in a different place.

-- $38 sale--

Let's start with the $38 sale.

Have you ever heard about "teaser" fares? Where an airline promises you low fares, but there are very few of those available. That appears to be the case on the $38 fares.

The fares are being offered on very specific dates such as the Denver to Durango $38 tickets are only available on some Tuesdays in November, December and January. And when I say some, I mean three Tuesdays. And while the ad says $38 airfares, they're actually $37.10.

As for the Omaha deal, I'm not sure why the airline is excited about offering $38 tickets in its ad when I see lots of mid-week tickets are already $42. Yes, it's $5 off. But there are some days where the tickets are $33. Why not advertise that?

Let's look at one more city pair -- Denver to Bozeman. I see the $37 (again, not $38) available on one day in November, one day in December and three days in January.

If you want to fly to one of these five cities -- then you should definitely look at the fares and I hope you find a good deal.

Learn more about the $38 sale here:

-- Other cities --

So how do you find deals to other cities?

On Frontier's front page, I spotted an area that said "travel deals" on the right side of the screen. I clicked on  "view all fares" then entered "Denver" to see all the specials.

There I found lots of deals!

  • Phoenix, Las Vegas and Dallas from $53 one way
  • Austin from $73 one way
  • Chicago from $73-$79 one way (depending on the airport you want to land at)
  • Los Angeles from $79 one way
  • Portland from $83 one way
  • Fort Lauderdale from $99 one way

Pick an airfare and the calendar should pop up so you can see the fares for each day over the next few months.

I found the Phoenix deal, outbound from Denver, available on 14 days in September, including two Saturdays.

The $53 Las Vegas deal appears to be harder to find. I only saw it available one day, but there are six days in December (including two Saturdays) with $58 fares and several days over the next couples months with $72 one way fares. 

See Today's deals:

-- Important reminder about Frontier's airfares --

Remember, when you fly Frontier, in addition to the airfare, you now have to pay for checked AND carry-on bags. It's also $3 or more each way if you want a seat assignment.

I know a lot of people are mad at Frontier over the new pricing structure. I'm not. I will fly the airline that gives me the cheapest total fare. Just make sure you add baggage fees and seat assignment fees when determining if you're getting a good price.

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