Debbie's Deals: Where To Find Cheap Halloween Costumes

Goodwill, ARC Thrift Stores Have Costumes, Ideas

Need a Halloween costume for cheap?

Consider Goodwill or ARC Thrift Stores or Goodwill/Goodwilloween.

ARC Thrift Stores stockpiles thousands of costume-worthy pieces year-round and brings them out in October. Some costumes are full constructed, others you can piece together yourself.

Here are some costume ideas from ARC:

  • Zombie Doctor: Buy a set of doctor’s scrubs and coat, zombie mask and additional accessories, like a stethoscope and gory, latex body parts.
  • Bottle of Bleach: Take two white pillowcases and cut out two holes in the bottom of the first one for your legs. Take the next pillowcase and cut out a hole on the top for your head and two more holes on the side seams for your arms. Belt the two cases together around your waist and top it off with a round shoebox painted red or royal blue for the bottle cap -- which of course is worn on your head.
  • Left at the Altar: Dress in a complete bride ensemble including a gown, veil, tiara and heels. Top it off with two airplane tickets.
  • Oktoberfest: Create lederhosen with a pair of brown shorts and suspenders by gluing lace on the primary seams. A white pullover shirt with lace-up collar, brown hat with feather, white knee socks, brown boots and a beer mug will top this costume off.
  • Bouquet of Flowers: Pull artificial flowers and hot glue them to a shirt and hat. Wear a white pair of jeans and wrap clear plastic wrap around your legs up to your waist. Complete the ensemble with a spray bottle of water.
  • Princess: A prom or wedding dress, used with fancy looking jewelry and a tiara. Top this off by painting some shoes silver if inclined.
  • Zombie: Take a suit and wrinkle and tear it, fray it and cut it -- the more distress added the better. Face painting should accompany this ensemble. Paint your face white with dark circles around the eyes and fake blood. Top it off by rolling toilet paper around your head.
  • Scarecrow: Overalls with a long sleeve flannel shirt, and a straw hat. If you can gather some hay or similar material, let it hang out anywhere possible.
  • Pirate: A striped pullover shirt, a pair of cut-off jeans, bandanna and eye patch.
  • Nurse/Sports Player/Military: Uniforms are consistently donated to Arc Thrift Stores and they make for easy readymade costumes. Pairing a football or a stethoscope to one of these uniforms is a great touch.
  • Rapper: Flashy sneakers with a baggy pair of pants and T-shirt create this ensemble. Wear lots of gold and diamonds to be as flashy as possible. A backwards hat or a bandanna and sunglasses will top this look off.
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