Debbie's Deals: Cheap Ski Gear For Kids

Colorado Ski & Golf Offers Discount Trade-In Programs

Want to take the kids skiing or snowboarding, but concerned about the cost of gear each winter? Try the junior trade-in program.

Colorado Ski & Golf has a deal to start kids with used equipment packages for $99.99 for ski gear and $109.99 for snowboard gear.

Your child gets used skis for $49.99, boots for $34.99 and a safety check for $10.00. Total cost for a ski package=$99.99. Or get a used snowboard for $79.99 & boots for $29.99. Total cost for a snowboard package=$109.99.

Return the equipment next year by September 30 and for just $20 per item (boots & skis), parents can refit their kids into a different set of used equipment for the next season.

One note, bindings must be tested for safety to ASTM standards, a procedure that costs $10 and takes about 30 minutes. On busy days, Colorado Ski & Golf may not be able to provide this service while you wait.

If you bought new equipment last year, Colorado Ski & Golf will give you 50% credit towards other new equipment. If you choose used equipment, they'll give you $45.00 credit.

Monday, how to get free skiing for your 5th grader and discounted skiing for your 6th grader. And don't forget the Ski Gems Card for discounts for people of all ages at the smaller ski areas in Colorado.

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