Cyber Shopping Secrets: The Best Time To Buy

Best Days To Buy On-Line

Is it really possible to save money by shopping on a certain day of the week over another, for certain items?

The data team looked for insights from its massive database to help customers save the most.

The site recently uncovered some interesting information about shoppers you might be able to find the best discounts on women’s clothing, shoes and accessories for the remainder of the year. Read on for what we think are key takeaways from holiday season’s past:

For swoon-worthy sales, online-only retailers may be your best bet. During holiday shopping season last year (October through December), online-only retailers were discounting at an average of 45.7 percent, with Specialty Retailers at 45 percent. Department store discounts lagged at about 41 percent.

The deals may be even better for Holiday 2011, if discounting trends so far this year continue. To date in 2011, Online-only retailers are averaging 47.3 percent off women’s items, compared with 45.9 percent off for Specialty retailers and 43 percent off from Department Stores.

Expect deeper discounts than last year. Overall, women’s discounts online across all types of retailers have become steeper in each of the past two years. For example, summer season discounts in 2009 averaged 41.9 percent; in 2010, discounts jumped to 45.8 percent off; and this summer, they reached 47.0 percent off.

But, don’t hold off purchases, expecting this trend to continue. While online discounting has become deeper each year, the size of the increase is getting smaller and smaller. During summer 2010, discounts were almost 4 percent deeper than for 2009, while this year, they were only about 1 percent steeper than prior year.

The Shop It To Me data team looked at more than 25 million total women’s items from 139 retailers sold online over the past three years to find these insights:

Mon: Dresses (54% -off vs. 45%-off on average, Jewelry (47% vs 40%)

Tues: Sportcoats (56% -off vs 51% off)

Wed: Sweaters (43%-off vs. 40%-off)

Thurs: Shoes (39%-off vs 37%-off)

Fri: Dress pants (75%-off vs 63%-off), Suits (52%-off vs 45%-off), Sunglasses (44%-off vs 39%-off)

Sat: Casual pants (57% vs 48%-off), Shorts (48% vs 40%-off), Tshirts (50% vs 44%-off)

Sun: Accessories (56% vs 41%-off), Bags (41% vs 37%-off) , Casual shirt (57% vs 45%-off), Jeans (50% vs 42%-off), Outerwear (48% vs 44%-off), Skirts (77% vs 52%-off), Sleepwear (46% vs 35%-off), Swimwear (49% vs 43%-off)

Survey From:

Methodology: Shop It To Me analyzed over 343,000 women’s items that were newly marked down between June 1, 2010 - June 1, 2011 from over 150+ online retailers. The above data shows the days the new markdowns were steepest. All data is statistically significant at the 95% confidence level.

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