Gas prices dip in Colorado as they rise elsewhere

State average now $3.72

DENVER - Drivers in Colorado are enjoying cheaper gasoline prices, even though much of the country isn't so lucky.

According to a survey by AAA, a gallon of regular now costs an average of $3.72 in Colorado. That's down from $3.74 a week ago.

Nationally, the average price has risen to $3.81 from $3.78 during the same time.

"Thanks largely due to the situation in California, the national average rose slightly in the last week," said Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "The good news for Californians is to expect relief this week. Around the rest of the nation I expect a mixed bag, with prices not moving significantly in either direction from what I can see at this time."

"Nationally, prices remain much higher than last year, especially in California, where the average now stands 88c/gal higher than a year ago," DeHaan said.

The highest price for gas in Colorado is in Vail where regular goes for $4.06.

You can always find cheap gas prices in the metro area on our Gas Prices page.


California gas more expensive than ever

One woman says she "thought it was a mistake on the sign" when she pulled into a Los Angeles gas station and found gas selling for $4.65 a gallon. Nancy Garcia says she couldn't afford to fill her tank all the way.

Across California, gasoline prices have reached a new all-time high for the state.

Gas prices are up another four cents a gallon since yesterday -- giving California the most expensive gas in the country at $4.65 and a half a gallon. In some locations, motorists are paying $5 or more.

One analyst says some relief is in sight, but not for a couple of days. Patrick DeHaan of says until then, the average price could peak as high as $4.85.

According to analysts, a series of refinery and transmission problems is to blame for the price spike. And they say the situation is compounded by a California pollution law that requires a special blend of cleaner-burning gasoline from April to October.

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