Back To School: Picking the best backpacks for the price

Comparing in-store and online deals

One of the biggest items you'll have to buy for back-to-school is a backpack to hold all of the other stuff you have to buy.

Here are some deals and durability you can find now in stores and on-line.

Anne Frey and her daughter Lizzie were back-to-school shopping at Target and we asked about what kind of backpack Lizzie would need. "(One with) a smaller pocket where I can have my lunchbox and an umbrella.  And a few smaller pockets for phones," explained Lizzie.

"And it needs to have two sections to it," said Anne. "A large section and something towards the front. And hopefully not too wide because she will fall over," she added with a smile.

Prices are falling at Walmart stores this week. One backpack is $3.97, character backpacks $9.88 and "Everything Backpacks" sell for $12.88. 

At Target you'll find a High Sierra backpack for $31.50, the Embark brand for $13 or $22, plus there's a whole wall of on-sale signs giving you a few bucks off.

And for more savings use your Target Red Card and Cartwheel app. "On top of our sale items, on top of the 5 percent Red Card discounts you'll get, we're also throwing in that Cartwheel discount just for our guests to help them save a little more money on back-to-school time," said Target Executive Team Leader Chris Santucci.

But don't forget check out discounts online, too. During a quick scan of, we saw backpacks that are well-reviewed at more than 70 percent off. A Wildkin Comfortpack that's recommend for kids ages 8-15 was $48 but now it's $12. 

We found others with big discounts, like a rolling Ed Hardy that is 61 percent off with free shipping. There's a ton of High Sierra Fat Boy backpacks at 50 percent off. There are lots of School Cheer Gym backpacks at 63 percent off with prices of $14.99 each.

"I want a book bag that's not $50 but it's not $5 dollars," said Lizzie. The deals at L.L. Bean can make that happen. You can get 25 percent off its Deluxe Book Pack for $29.96 or 37 percent off at $24.99. Or we even found 50 percent off the Original Book Pack at $14.96. That comes with free shipping and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee where you can send it back anytime if there's something wrong.

When shopping for back to school, you can't go wrong with Anne's on your side advice. "You get what you pay for. So, if you ever think it's a really great deal, make sure it's got the good quality."

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