DIA Security Screener Arrested On Theft Charges

Accusation Is Second This Year Involving DIA Screeners

A security screener at Denver International Airport has been disciplined for allegedly taking money from a passenger who was going through security Saturday.

A Denver police spokesman said the passenger was pulled aside in a secondary search in the screening area. A short time later, he noticed that he only had $600 in his wallet, instead of the $1,000 he said he started with.

The passenger notified a Transportation Security Administration supervisor and police later confronted the employee. Police said the man admitted that he stole $400 from the passenger.

William Lemuel, 20 (pictured, left), was arrested for investigation of misdemeanor theft.

A spokesman for the TSA would not say what action was taken against the employee, but did say the employee was the second to be arrested for theft at DIA so far this year.

Aviation analyst Mike Boyd of the Boyd Group told 7NEWS that the majority of people who work for TSA are honest. However, he said screeners were hired -- and are still being hired -- in a rush to fill vacant positions and that many are not qualified to be doing the work they are.

Boyd said a TSA screener who is willing to steal is also corruptible by people who might want to harm the airport.

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