Sites Help You Select Presidential Candidate

Select Smart, President Match Can Tell You Which Man Matches Your Values

Although voters in New Hampshire will decide Tuesday who they want as their Democratic presidential candidate, voters around the country are still making up their minds. But what if you can't decide or don't want to be swayed by who's leading the polls?

Two sites can help you decide who to support, based purely on where they stand on the issues. You fill out a brief questionnaire and the sites tell you which candidate agrees with your values.

On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism. You check which statements you agree with and how important this issue is to you. The results page will tell you how the candidates rank according to their public votes or statements they've made in the press. has a similar format. The nonpartisan site, created by America Online and Time Magazine, prompts you to rate where you stand on social issues, crime, education, economy and the environment. Do you strongly oppose, slightly oppose, slightly favor or strongly favor organized prayer in public schools? What about drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Do you support the war in Iraq?

The result page will tell you which candidate answered the most like you, factoring in how important you think previous experience or military service is. The site also allows you to compare candidates side-by-side to see how they answered these exact questions.

Both sites, of course, link you to the presidential candidate if you want to learn more about the man who may be president. The results of both questionnaires may vary but this isn't an exact science. However, we all know that a lot of other "nonscientific" factors that go into finding a candidate.

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