iPhone 5: Components List Leaked

iPhone 5 Release Date: Reports Screen Shortage May Delay iPhone5 Release

With one week to go until the expected announcement of the iPhone 5, New Zealand PCWorld said it has obtained a document sent to a New Zealand retailer detailing the iPhone 5's components.

The phone appears to be a similar shape to the iPhone 4/4S with an elongated screen and a two-tone rear panel, according to PCWorld.

Apple has scheduled an event for Sept. 12. The invitation sent to the press features a prominent "5" as the shadow cast by the "12," signifying the event's date, according to CNN.

The new iPhone is expected to have 4G network speeds, a faster processor and some other structural and internal changes, CNN reported.

Many media outlets are reporting there may be new iPhone part shortages.

According to Examiner.com, Apple has contracted its LCD screen for the new iPhone to three manufacturer: Japan Display Inc., LG, and Sharp Electronics.

According to the report, Sharp has fallen behind schedule and its target date of shipping its display screens at the end of this month has been delayed because of manufacturing problems.

According to Examiner.com and Cult of Mac, the rivalry between Apple and Samsung will continue as Samsung has plans to file a lawsuit against the iPhone maker once they announce the release date of the new iPhone.

With the new iPhone's rumored announcement coming in weeks, Apple's partner PowerOn is offering up to $345 on old iPhones that are in perfect condition.

The offer is fulfilled through the "Reuse and Recycling Program." Accoring to bloggers using the program, the site has offered $280 for lightly-used 32 GB 4S models. In order to get the $345 quote, the 4S must be in "perfect" condition.

Apple is not involved in the transaction between PowerON , but is partners with the company.

Fore more information, visit store.apple.com/us/browse/reuse_and_recycle

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