DA: LimeWire Users Beware

Investigation Finds Private Info During Search

The Denver District AttorneyÂ’s Office issued an urgent alert Friday to computer users who use file-sharing software and they specifically warned about LimeWire.

LimeWire is peer-to-peer software that is used by computer users to share mp3 music files, pictures and videos. If the computer user allows it, other users can access a shared file folder on the user's computer.

The Denver warning was prompted by the discovery of personal and financial information during the course of a routine identity theft investigation.

The Denver Police Department executed a search warrant at a Denver apartment recently and found private information from approximately 75 different individual and business account names from all over the country. The information, which included tax records, bank account information, online bill paying records and other material, appeared to have been taken directly from computers that were using LimeWire, the District Attorney's Office said.

It appeared that the file-sharing program was exploited to enable a computer user in Denver to illegally access everything -- every file, every document -- on computers across the country.

The district attorney's investigation was continuing Friday and a spokeswoman urged computer users who use LimeWire or other file-sharing software to ensure that their computer security is up to date, including adequate firewall security, antivirus software, and other measures.

The Federal Trade Commission has published a consumer alert about file sharing. LimeWire has also published its own alert on peer-to-peer file sharing.

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