Rocket's DogBlog - Jeb II

Chapter 62

DENVER - September 24, 2012

Yo, I say YO!

We have exciting news in these parts.  See the adorable face in the attached photo?  That’s Jeb II, our next CCI puppy!  I say “our” because I get to help raise him for the month we’ll overlap at Chez McKiernan. He’ll be my baby brother!

I’m pretty excited about this – I love playing with puppies.  But I guess I’m the only one. I held a family meeting today to announce Jeb’s arrival. 

“Oh, drat,” said Dewey glumly.  “I don’t like the tiny puppies. They try to make me squeak like a chew toy.”

Meryl sighed. “I like them, but not their deadly shark teeth. Ouch. Bother.”

Mina burst into tears and flung herself to the floor. “NOOOOO, I can’t do it again, I just can’t!  WHY?  WHY DO THEY KEEP GETTING NEW PUPPIES?”

Diddums just looked confused. “What, now?  What’s happening? Who is Jeb?”

“I’m going off to CCI college November 8th, and Jeb is coming to take my place.” I paused. “Well, no, that’s not true because seriously, no one can take my place, but he’s coming to be the next CCI puppy in training.” I wagged my tail.

Diddums narrowed his eyes at me. “Uh-huh. And why are the others not as thrilled about this news as you are?”

I shrugged.  “Dunno. He’ll only be 8 weeks old and he is sooo cute -- just wait ‘til you see the photos. You’ll love him.”

“HA,” said Meryl. “Maybe once he’s lost his baby teeth.”

“Yeah, and developed impulse control,” added Dewey.

“Never, never again, I swore I’d never do this again,” sobbed Mina. 

 I patted her awkwardly.  “C’mon, it won’t be so bad,” I cajoled. “I’ll tell him to leave you alone and not take away your food or treats and to give you lots of personal space.”

Mina raised her head.  “Really? You’d do that for me? You promise?”

I nodded. “Beagle Scout’s honor. And I’ll teach him to be gentle with the kitties and not to chew on Meryl.”

Meryl sighed heavily. “And when does he get here?  I want to lay in a supply of Bandaids.”

“He actually flies to Denver on October 3rd, but Marianne and John and I will be on vacation, so another puppy raiser is going to pick him up at the airport and foster him for a few days.  He’ll join us on October 8th.”

Mina gave one last little sob and hiccoughed. “All right, I guess we don’t have any say in the matter anyhow, but you’re the designated babysitter, not me.  I expect you to keep him away from me, my food and my bed. OR ELSE.”

I wagged my tail. “I promise!  Now, let’s go look at the pictures his breeder caretaker sent!”

Chow for now!


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