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Chapter 57

August 12, 2012

Yo. Another hot day in Colorado. HOT.

Nothing beats a cool dish of water, a couple of strips of dried duck and a good book on a hot summer afternoon. And that's exactly how I spent the afternoon while John did yard work and Marianne ran errands.

And what a book! "Your Dog's Golden Years: A Manual for Senior Dogs" is a collection of essays by eighteen canine experts, edited by my friend Jennifer Kachnic. Her business, Canine Wellness, provides natural and alternative wellness therapies for senior dogs. Jenny is certified in canine massage and animal Reiki, and she teaches senior dog care classes at Colorado Free University. Jenny is also a CCI puppy raiser! She is turning in her current puppy, William, next weekend. A shout out to my classmate: GOOD LUCK AT CCI COLLEGE, WILLIAM! WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!

Um, sorry, I got distracted there for a minute. *cough*

Back to the book. Even though I'm nowhere near senior dog status at seventeen months of age, I still found it fascinating. "Golden Years" covers everything and anything to do with senior dog care. As the description on says, the canine experts "share therapies, treatments and simple techniques for the senior dog that embrace both veterinary and holistic practices. Topics include, animal communication, senior dog nutrition, blood work, dental care, hydrotherapy, massage, energy healing, chiropractic care, essential oils and herbal remedies, laser therapy, homeopathy basics, quality of life assessment tools, pet home euthanasia, pet hospice and strategies for dealing with caregiver grief. Each author also includes their favorite resources for readers to find practitioners and additional information."

If you have a dog, regardless of age, I recommend this book. Really, it's that helpful.

Now, our Saluki-Terrier mix, Mina, is a senior dog. She's ten. But DOG, did she get cranky when I suggested she read the book. Hoo boy. My ears are still ringing. Apparently SHE doesn't think she's a senior dog and she made it VERY clear that she was highly insulted. I wish the book had an index because I wanted to look up "cranky" to find the recommended treatment for a temperamental, sometimes grouchy *older* dog. Perhaps a little massage and Reiki would do the trick for Mina. I guess I'll call Jenny and set something up.

Chow for now!


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