Rocket's DogBlog - Dog Days of Summer

Chapter 55

August 2, 2012

Yo. Yawn.

Welcome to the dog days of summer. It's been beastly hot here in Colorado, too hot for mad dogs and Englishmen. If a swimming pool is unavailable, a nap in front of a fan on "high" is the best way to while away a hot summer afternoon.

"Hey!" said Marianne, poking at me with her foot. "What are you doing?"

I opened one eye. "Composing a Symphony in E flat for the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra," I said crossly. "What's it look like I'm doing?"

"It looks like you're napping. AGAIN," snapped Marianne. "You do know that it's Thursday and your DogBlog is due, yes?"

I turned over and settled into a more comfortable position. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I'll do it later."

Marianne shook her head. "You'll do it now so we can leave work after my meeting. Come on, get up."

I sighed and dragged myself over to the computer. I drummed my toenails on the desk. Topic, topic, topic. Hmmm. Nothing.

I scratched an itch. Nothing.

I did a couple of Doga stretches. Still nothing.

I yawned and popped my ears. Zip.

"I don't know what to write about," I whined.

"Look at the CCI website for ideas," Marianne suggested. She picked up a notebook and pen. "I'll be back in a little while."

I pulled up the website and idly scrolled through various pages. I got stuck on some of the videos and you know what? They tell the story of CCI in a way I can't. Grab a cold beverage and a snack and enjoy. Oh, and you might (read: will) need a tissue.

Dennis and Muffey, Natalie and Macon

Jeffrey and Sharif

Joy and Calhoun

Cole and Ilia"

Chow for now!


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