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Chapter 2

August 7, 2014


Jeb got released today.

I had no clue what that meant, but Marianne explained it to me. It’s like an Honorable Discharge.  Basically Jeb has made it very clear to his trainers that he has no desire to be a service dog. How did he make this apparent, you ask? He’s started startle barking at people. First it was people he didn’t know, but then he barked at someone he knew, and it was another trainer!  #BadForm

So, CCI wisely determined that Jeb was becoming stressed by the training and wanted out. Like, NOW.

I asked if Jeb would be coming home to be my mentor, but Marianne said no. John has this crazy idea that three dogs and two cats are sufficient. #PartyPooper

Fortunately, Marianne and John have a Plan B, but I can’t say anything until all the arrangements are finalized.  But Jeb will have a wonderful forever home with people who love him. It also sounds like he’ll get to work a little bit as a therapy dog, which Marianne says will make him happy.

Marianne and John are disappointed, of course. And holy cow, I just realized that means that now all of their attention and focus will be on me. ALL OF IT.  Thanks a lot, Jeb. #NoPressure

Chow for now!



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