Dog attacked by raccoon in Denver yard; multiple attacks reported in a week

Vet saw three similar raccoon attacks in a week
Posted at 7:48 PM, Apr 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 00:44:20-04

DENVER -- A dog owner wants to warn others after his 12-pound Daschund was attacked by a raccoon in his own backyard.

Zachary Rosanski let his dog out after he got off work and heard a horrible noise. When he opened up the door, his dog ran back inside and that's when he spotted a large raccoon in a tree.

His dog, Bastian, was bleeding from his throat area and on his face. They immediately rushed him to the veterinarian.

"He ended up having a puncture wound on top of his nose, two puncture wounds on the bottom of his nose and about an inch gash underneath his chin that was split wide open," said Rosanski.

The vet told Rosanski his case wasn't isolated. Denver7 talked with the veterinarian and she said they saw three raccoon attacks in just one week. 

Rosanski was surprised his dog was attacked in the middle of the city, right in his Wash Park backyard. He wants to warn people to be vigilant when letting their dogs out.

"And she [the veterinarian] told us that we were very lucky cause a dog this size compared to a raccoon of its size usually doesn't turn out that well," said Rosanski.

Denver Animal Protection wants dog owners to make sure there's no food or trash is left out in their backyard because it often attracts raccoons. 

"Well number one before you let your pets out into the yard in the evening understand that wildlife may be around and check the area before you open the door to let that pet out.," said Sgt. Joshua Rolf with Denver Animal Protection.

The vet does not believe this raccoon was rabid.