Train Like a Pro: Sexy legs and glutes

DENVER - Our Broncos trainer Oyvind Gulbrandsen has the workout to tone and trim your legs and glutes. He says for the best results, do the complete circuit three times in a row. That will give you the optimal 30-minute work-out.

1)      Do a 10-minute warm-up of your choice – walking, light jogging, rowing or exercise bike.

2)      20 walking lunges on each leg (you may add hand weights for a more intense work-out)

3)      20 squats, slightly below 90-degrees

4)      10 step-ups on each leg

5)      15 hamstring curls

6)      15 stiff dead leg lifts

7)      30 lateral steps each leg, with resistance band around the ankles

8)      25 standing calf-raises

9)      After 3 complete circuits, cool down for 5 minutes.


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