Apps, Tips For Long-Term Weight Loss

DENVER - Let's face it, a lot of people who go on diets lose weight to start. But keeping the pounds off long term is the tough part.

It seems like every day there's a new diet trend being touted as foolproof.

Registered dietician, Jessica Loring talked to Anchor Christine Chang and shared the weight loss secrets that really work.

Christine: There are a lot of fad diets out there do they really work?

Jessica: I think one of the reasons they're so popular is because people do see some results really quickly. The problem with a lot of these fad diets is a lot of those results that you get in the beginning, the weight gain will come right back. And so any diet that you find out there that is going to restrict an entire food group or eliminate something is pretty unrealistic. I think it's good to ask yourself, 'Can I eat this way the rest of my life?' If you tell yourself no, then this isn't the diet for you.

Christine: I think everyone's looking for that perfect strategy out there or that perfect way of losing and keeping it off. For dieters who have been able to keep the pounds off what are the best strategies to do that?

Jessica: There's no secret. I think we're just talking getting back to basics. And when I say back to basics, I'm talking about portion control. I think it's a great idea to have some measuring cups on hand at home. Initially, when you're first starting out your diet, I'd recommend pouring the items into the bowls, seeing what the amount looks like and over time, you're going to get really used to seeing how much that is on the plate.

Christine: Food journals are usually a pretty good thing to have as well, how does that work?

Jessica: I think you can be very successful with a food journal. It makes you accountable, you're putting in the amounts that you ate each day, another thing is it's able to have you look back at trends. At the end of the week you might be able to say, 'OK, my trend is that I overeat at night,' and so maybe looking at adding a snack between lunch and dinner. Another thing is it really is hard data . You sometimes can trick yourself into thinking, 'Hey, I didn't really eat that.' But, if you look back at your food journal, it's going to be all there, right in front of you.

Christine: Any other strategies that you can give us?

Jessica: I think planning. I think a food journal's great, but also planning ahead of time. Going to the store in the beginning of the week and planning your meals. Also, accountability. Have a workout buddy, have a fitness friend that you talk to on a regular basis that you share results with. And the last thing is make your goals attainable and reasonable. Don't set your goals so high that you can't reach them.

Jessica said take your food journal high tech. Using a couple of weight loss apps she recommends to her patients.

My Fitness Pal tracks your calories, workouts and results with easy to read charts. And Calorie Counter has healthy recipes, inspirational quotes and a barcode scanner to easily input packaged foods.

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