About 'Mile High Living'

Show in partnership with Denver Broncos

DENVER - Denver’s 7 is airing a new program in partnership with the Denver Broncos called "Mile High Living" that focuses on life, health and community and feature the best things about living at altitude.

The show, which airs on Fridays at 9 a.m., debuted on Sept. 7.

The half-hour wellness and lifestyle program will focus on the latest health, nutrition and fitness trends and will also provide viewers with expert advice on work, life and family balance.

7NEWS Anchors Christine Chang and Lionel Bienvenu will host a variety of self-help topics for Coloradans and special guests including fitness trainer Oyvind Gulbrandsen, who will help viewers "train like a pro."

"I’m thrilled to be a part of this new half hour show," said Chang. "We will feature life in our beautiful Mile High City and discuss everything from the latest in health and fitness discoveries to just what your neighbor is talking about. We will also take an inside look at the Broncos’ training activities and their philanthropic projects within the community. Our show will have a good pulse on what’s happening in our own back yards."

"Mile High Living" will not only provide viewers with tips on how to amp up their fitness but will deliver expert advice from a nutritionist as well.

Weekly segments will provide the best tips on how to find what works best for individual health, longevity and taste.

Organization, pampering, and inner-happiness are also among other life enhancement topics to be discussed.

"Mile High Living" will provide time-management tips along with relaxation techniques. It will also take viewers inside local award-winning spas and direct them to the top rated services in town.

Further information can be found on the "Mile High Living" Facebook page or at TheDenverChannel.com/MileHighLiving.

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