Obesity problem targeted in Weld County

28 percent of kids 12-14 are overweight or obese

GREELEY, Colo. - Weld County health officials are taking aim at the county's weight problem, with 62 percent of the county's adult population either overweight or obese.

The Greeley Tribune  reports that health experts led a panel at a county library this week after screening a film called "Weight of the Nation."

In Weld County, 28 percent of kids ages 12-14 are overweight or obese.

The panel discussed health risks associated with weight gain, including heartburn, chronic fatigue and various cancers.

Ideas to combat obesity included eating more fruits and vegetables, taking televisions out of children's rooms to encourage active play and adding bike lanes and sidewalks.

The Greeley-Evans School District 6 already has a new food program where 75 percent of the entrees are made from scratch and are phasing out flavored milk.

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