Local Woman Loses Weight With 'Milk Diet'

24/24 Diet Consists Of Drinking 24 Ounces Of Milk Every 24 Hours

A Highlands Ranch woman who has been trying to milk her diet for years tried something new -- milk. To see if it works 7NEWS followed her for progress for three months to see if milk does make a difference.

Robin Seaber says she's happy with the results of her lifestyle change.

"I'm 25 pounds overweight right now and I know that is detrimental to my health," said Robin Seaber.

Seaber just turned 44 and has had it with fad diets.

"I've either read the books and thought about it or I've done them, but this has to be reality to me," she said.

ABC's "The View" got Seaber motivated. The show told viewers of a national search for people to take part in the "Got Milk? Great American Weight Loss Challenge."

"So I entered this weight loss thing and they picked me, one of like 24 women in the whole country," said Seaber.

As part of the program, Seaber received a three-month membership to Curves where she now exercises three times a week, and she was assigned a nutrition coach to help her make smart food choices.

"We're very black and white thinkers in this country, so it's either no carbs or lots of carbs or no fat or lots of fat. So we just need to learn moderation -- which we're not every good at," said Bonnie Jortberg, a nutritionist with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

Another part of the Weight Loss Challenge is the "24/24" milk campaign, which is to drink 24 ounces of milk every 24 hours to lose weight.

Milk is not a magic potion but some nutritionists feel drinking low-fat or fat-free milk, coupled with good eating habits and regular exercise, can help you burn fat.

"In particular, more of the fat from your belly region which actually tends to be the more dangerous fat for heart disease and diabetes, that type of thing," said Jortberg.

Specifically, the calcium in milk may be a potential mechanism to burn fat faster. By week two, Seaber had already lost 5.4 pounds. In week four, she's starting to feel the difference.

"In my energy level, in the way I sleep, how hard I sleep. Oh, I can definitely tell a difference," Seaber said.

By week six, Seaber weighed in at 166, down 12 pounds total. In week eight, she dropped another four pounds and has now lost nearly 17 pounds.

Seaber has made great progress and now has a healthier outlook about diet and fitness.

"The realistic side of me looks at my pictures in my 20s and my 30s and you know what? Truly, I won't be that way anymore. I was very thin, that wasn't realistic. I now have teenage daughters, I won't go there anymore," said Seaber.

More Information:

  • There is a bus going a 75-city tour as part of the Great American Weight Loss challenge. It's encouraging people to sign up for a 12-week program to slim down with milk. For more information log on to 2424milk.com. The tour bus will be around Monday, May 9 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Super Wal-Mart at 13420 Coalmine Rd in Littleton 80122. From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. it's at the Longmont Dairy Store at 10675 Ute Hwy in Longmont 80501. On Tuesday, May 10, it at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the steps of Denver City Hall at 1437 Bannock St in Downtown Denver.
  • The Great American Weight Loss Challenge was developed by nationally-recognized weight-loss expert, Pamela Peeke, MD, MDH. The Great American Weight Loss Challenge is a 12-week, reduced-calorie healthy eating plan that includes drinking 24 ounces of milk every 24 hours. The plan is based on numerous studies that show a connection between milk and weight loss. Specifically, it's the mix of essential nutrients found in milk, such as calcium and protein that help improve the body's ability to burn fat.
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