Face Yoga Looks Goofy, But You Might Look Good

Old Beauty Trend Makes Its Way To Denver

If you are willing to do almost anything to look younger, then a group of four local women want to introduce you to face yoga.

Some people say it looks goofy, silly and at times scary, but the owners of Face-A-Firming Yoga swear that after a few weeks of classes, clients notice a difference. So much so, the owners believe some people won't even have to go under the knife to get a more firm and lifted face.

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"By making those muscles work and doing the different things we do, it increases circulation so you look fresher," said Sandy Kline, one of four owners of Face-A-Firming Yoga.

Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to be big believers of the practice. People interested can find clips all over YouTube.

But until now people couldn't find it in Colorado. Kline said she learned about face yoga while working for the Houston Police Department. When she moved to Colorado and discovered there were no studios practicing face yoga, she decided, along with three other women, to start a company. "At first I was a little skeptical," said Carrie Searles, owner of Kosha Yoga in Littleton. After her first class, she said her skepticism faded.

"I get a good feeling in my muscles, in my arms and in my legs, when I do my yoga practice; and that same good feeling that I usually get in my body, I am feeling in my face right now," said Searles. "I am like, 'Oh my gosh, I do have muscles in my face.'"

Kline swears those muscles can be lifted and toned with simple exercises.

"I didn't notice at first," said Sherry Massey, one of Kline's first students. "Then I started hearing from people that they could see something different about me. They weren't sure what it was. But then, when I saw the pictures (of myself before and after), I thought, wow."

Not everyone is as wowed by face yoga. Some dermatologist who spoke to 7NEWS reporter Dayle Cedars said they are concerned the same movement over and over may actually add more wrinkles. They also said that facial muscles are not the kind that get toned with exercise.

Kline disagrees.

"When we teach face yoga, we teach it in a way to minimize any creation of any other wrinkles," said Kline. "So there is very much an effort and a science to making it work."

Kline admits it is not a miracle fountain of youth.

"The fat here (pointing to under her jowls), I can't do anything about it," said Kline. "The loose skin here (pointing to her neck), I can just tone it so the lines look smoother in the neck."

When looking at Kline, people notice a lack of wrinkles on her neck and around her eyes, she said.

Kline's group, Face-A-Firming Yoga, teaches introductory classes and everything a person needs to know to do all the exercises for the entire face.

To learn more about the classes, visit Face-A-Firming Yoga's website.

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