Dying Mother's Plea to FDA: Let Me Have Trial Drug

Pertuzumab Is Expected To Be Available In June

A YouTube video of a mother dying of breast cancer, and pleading with the FDA to give her a trial drug awaiting approval, is heartbreaking.

In the video, Darlene Gant reads letter she's written to her 11-year-old son.

"I have to plan what I'm gonna do for my son so he remembers me," she says.

Gant, has stage four breast cancer and says she likely won't live until June when the FDA is expected to approve a drug called Pertuzumab.

Trial studies show the drug delays the progression of certain types of advanced metastatic breast cancer by six months.

“So many women are dying of breast cancer and they won’t release the drugs for compassionate use," she says in the video.

It's a game of beat the clock Nicole Davis has been playing for the past three years.

"I feel for her because I'm living that," Davis, a Denver resident. told 7NEWS.

At just 28, her breast cancer came back for the second time, this time spreading to her liver. She, too, heard about Pertuzumab, but also learned she couldn't get it.

"This could potentially be something right in front of me that could literally save my life or at least give me prolonged time and I can’t have it," said Davis.

The FDA gave the drug priority review status which cut the approval time in half.

Cancer specialist, Dr. Sami Diab, said the FDA is doing everything it can to get the drug to patients.

"I have to give credit to the FDA in this particular situation because the results were only presented in December and within 6 months or so hopefully we’ll have this drug approved, so that’s very quickly in terms of cancer development,” Diab said.

Diab said the drug is only effective for the 20 percent of breast cancer patients whose tumors have elevated levels of a protein called HER2.

The drug could be released as early as June.

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