Drug May Extend Life Of Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

Abiraterone Provides Men With ‘Better Quality Of Life,’ Doctor Says

A new cancer breakthrough in Colorado is extending the lives of men with advanced prostate cancer and providing them with a better quality of life.

The breakthrough is the drug Abiraterone, which comes in the form of a pill, giving patients an alternative to chemotherapy.

"This drug will now change the way we treat advanced or late stage prostate cancer right now," said Dr. Thomas Flaig.

One of Thomas’ patients, Phil Field, is taking the newly FDA-approved drug for his prostate cancer.

Field, a retired airline pilot, said that if he hadn’t gone into this trial, he would have suspected that he would have just three to four more months to live.

Flaig’s studies with the drug are in the latest issue of The New England Journal of Medicine. He said this is a game changer for men with advanced prostate cancer.

"The men that are going to qualify are men that have diseases in their bones or lymph nodes, who have done hormone therapy, chemotherapy and the disease has continue to progress," said Flaig.

Fields met those qualifications. So what made him give up the chemotherapy?

"When I got to nine spots on my bones, I got into this trial and the answer is, it extends your life," said Field.

While the new drug is not a cure, it can extend life and increase its quality for advanced prostate cancer patients, Flaig said.

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