Blogs For 2007 U.S. Autism, Asperger Association International Conference

A Leading Attendee Blogs About The Autism Conference

Day One:

I am excited to be reporting to you from the 2007 U.S. Autism and Asperger Association International Conference at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center in Denver. As a sibling of a brother with autism, a student, and an observer here, I will be letting you know of the events and exciting happenings at this year’s conference.

This year’s conference has a great lineup, which includes 33 speakers with in-depth and great presentations, and over 70 exhibitors with new and exciting products. Of additional note, research data on treatment will be announced for the first time at this conference that demonstrates significant improvements for affected individuals.

The theme of the conference centers on new and fresh information on treatments and research timely to parents and professionals that address biomedical and behavioral therapies. Presenters here are the leaders in their field, treating more autistic individuals than anywhere else in the world. Each will impart their experience in improving and recovering affected individuals, and represent hope and possibilities to those attending this landmark event.

Tonight’s lineup of speakers includes: Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, who will be presenting, “Medical Interventions: Getting Started,” and Dr. Boyd E. Haley, with his presentation called, “Mercury, Science, and Politics.”

I hope that you are as excited about this conference as I am, knowing that many of these new developments in the autism community will certainly help my brother, and every other individual on the autism spectrum, live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

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