Areola Restoration Tattooing Helps Cancer Survivors

The 'Finishing Touch' For Breast Cancer Patients

For many breast cancer survivors, the recovery process can be an uphill battle. After undergoing surgery and chemo, some women choose to have breast reconstruction surgery. That was the case for now licensed medical asthetician Susan Maruyama.

"I had cancer in just one side but the chances of it coming even to the other side were high," said Maruyama.

Maruyama's cancer experience lead to her passion. She decided to take the art of permanent tattooing one step further with Areola Restoration Tattoo.

"I figure if I make someone feel this much better, it makes me feel this much better," said Maruyama.

Maruyama calls it the "finishing touch," after breast reconstruction. Breast cancer survivor Susie Thiret had a double masectomy 15 years ago. She said the devastating experience made it hard for her to look in the mirror. That is until she came to Maruyama.

"When you have your breast reconstruction and your areola reconstruction, it still doesn't look like a breast. The tattooing is the final touch that makes you think, okay, I have them back again," said Thiret.

The tattooing process takes about two hours. Maruyama said you can see immediate results.

"I think maybe this was the reason for me to get breast cancer at such an early age," Maruyama.

Areola Restoration Tattooing can cost between $500 to $800 for starting price. Many insurance companies will cover it.

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