Alternative to crutches? Young designer submits 'Sit and Stand' idea to international competition

It's about time crutches got an update.

One young designer is getting a lot of attention over a unique contest entry. His crutch design, that leaves users hands-free, is quite different from the traditional crutches people use now.

Behzad Rashidizadeh, a former student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, has entered his "Sit and Stand Walking Assistant" prototype into an international contest.

The Sit and Stand is a hands-free walking assistance device to help people with minor foot, ankle or leg injuries.

It's unique design also functions as a personal seat, letting the user rest as needed.

The crutch also lets people with injuries do most of their normal activities with ease -- letting them open doors, walk up stairs and even carry objects.

The design is entered in the James Dyson Competition -- which awards designers who come up with products that just work better. The next round of judging is set for September.

Read more about the design HERE.

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