TEDxMileHigh: Reset Now

Have you ever wondered what an event is like behind the TED/TEDx talks you’ve seen online? This December, find out what the excitement is about at Reset! Taking place at Bellco Theatre, we’re able to invite more people from the Mile High community to participate and experience a TEDx event.

TEDxMileHigh presenters are hidden gems. They’re a collection of Colorado’s finest people who remain in the background yet propel us in moving forward. We focus on both local and regional stars, low profile professionals, people who disrupt the status-quo, and there’s always a musician or two! Famous or not, however, you’ll realize that these speakers are humans just like you — doing extraordinary things. They are there to fuel your passion and inspiration. Sure, you can watch the videos of all the talks, but meeting these amazing people makes being present much more enriching. Aside from that, speakers aren’t selling you anything. They train laboriously for weeks, mastering the delivery of their talk. That’s how you know that what they have to say is truly genuine and important.

General Admission ticket holders will receive access to exclusively curated engagement with the ideas and inspiration we have lined out for the week, which means a more lasting and impactful experience, plus more opportunities to strike up conversations with new friends and professional connections. If you’re a veteran TEDx’er, think about upgrading to a whole new experience! With VIP and All-Access tickets, you not only get prime seating, you also get access to mingle with speakers, innovators, and Mile High movers and shakers at our exclusive events, like the VIP Kick-off Party, Speaker Brunch, and our curated Adventures like Media Mash-Up with Athena Project and an Immigration Adventure.

Reset is a week-long event full of immersive experiences that will leave you impassioned with ideas you’ve never thought of. Per tradition, we’re starting the week of inspiration with a private VIP Kick-off Party. It will be a time to intimately engage with Denver’s most curious minds, including previous speakers, the team behind the production, and leaders from every locus. In addition to innovative foods, craft drinks, and vogue DJs, there is always an essential surprise in the evening (hint: it’s a special performance). You don’t want to miss that!

That’s only the beginning. We plan year round “adult field-trips,” or Adventures, where you get to explore the inner-scenes around town. For the week of the event, we will present two captivating Adventures: Immigration in America and Media Mash-Up with Athena Project. If you’re one of the All-Access ticket holders, you can even join speakers during Speaker Brunch, an exclusive event to share a conversation over drinks with the speakers themselves. You’ll know who they are before they even walk on stage! Moreover, if you’re especially inspired and you have some eager questions, you bet you can even grab your favorite drink and connect with them directly at the After Party! What’s better than that?

If you’re looking for the people that make Colorado something to be proud of, then you’ll find it at TEDxMileHigh: Reset. The main inspiration might be happening on stage, but the most important aspect of the event can be found within the crowd. The community of TEDx’ers are open-minded, diverse, engaging, and intelligent on a variety of subjects. This is not normal. With the enthusiasm of 4,999 other attendees, it’s a monumental conversation that will guide us to discover the collective vision on the potential of the human spirit and what’s possible if we turn our curiosity into action. With that many people in the same room, the conversation and the motivation is much stronger into improving each one of our communities.

While TEDx talks fall under one event theme, they differ in subject matter considerably, making the breadth of knowledge shared truly powerful. A talk you may not initially be very interested in tends to be the one which leaves you incredibly astounded and moved. While not every talk may impact your life, we imagine you will find one or two that will change your life in some way. The past few TEDxMileHigh events have featured talks that have gained millions of views, inevitably inspiring positive change. You’ll become a more enlightened person, and we guarantee you’ll have a good time!

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